Workpackage 1

WP 1: Management and Coordination

To facilitate effective cooperation and establish a network between the project partners, integrated stakeholders and the European Commission.


To ensure effective scientific management and assessment of progress and results, financial and administrative management, intra-consortium communication and management of gender issues. Information needed for making strategic decisions in the project will be collected. Furthermore, joint situation awareness about aims of the project and the models/documents/guidelines/trials that should be delivered in different tasks will be generated.


The coordinator acts as a liaison between the European Commission and the SPICED consortium, by overseeing the overall legal, contractual, ethical and administrative aspects in the project. In order to reach the goals of SPICED, it is necessary to bring together expertise from a wide range of disciplines. Knowledge and information from all actors must be collected and summarized to support other activities in the project. The project management will be done through the support of an online management platform all project participants have access to. The coordinator will be responsible for the financial recordkeeping and distribution of community financial contribution in accordance with the grant agreement and it will promote gender equality within the project.


The assessment of the project progress will be ensured due to regular updates using telephone conferences and the online management platform.

Workpackage leader: BfR

Partner: RTDS


Task 1.1 Interaction with the European Commission
Task 1.2 Project strategy and management
Task 1.3 Financial Management
Task 1.4 Intra-consortium communication
Task 1.5 Management of gender issue


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